Medicaid code changes

Medicaid code changes

Posted by caroline in Midwives 17 Feb 2011

Medicaid is now only paying for certain Rhogam meds. If you are not using the ones that are payable on their list they will not reimburse you. Your NDC must match. Check out the information below from Florida Medicaid

Provider Type(s): 25, 26, 29, 30, 34, 69, 77, 78, 97

 Rho D Immune Globulin Injections (J2788, J2790 and J2791)

The manufacturer of RhoGam does not participate in the federal drug rebate program.  Since July 1, 2010, all RhoGam claims have been rejecting.  This banner alert is being published to redirect providers to Rho D Immune Globulin products that are covered by Medicaid.

Rho D Immune Globulin Injections products that are currently participating in the rebate program are:

J2788 – HyperRho
J2790 – HyperRho
J2792 – Rhophylac

The National Drug Code (NDC) for physician administered Rho D Immune Globulin products must be listed in conjunction with the appropriate HPCPS codes. The NDC is found on the drug container (vial, bottle, or package box). The claim must reflect the exact NDC codes found on the product package/container from which the medication was administered.

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