• Medical Billing Is A Full-Time Job

    Medical Billing Is A Full-Time Job

    Spending hours on the phone can be taxing, let us take care of it.

  • You Have the Right to Choose

    You Have the Right to Choose

    We advocate for you and make sure your insurance company follows the laws regarding out of hospital births.

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Medical billing is a full-time job!

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  • I have worked with Express Claims for over 15 years and Caroline and Maria are life savers! After years of being frustrated with dealing with the insurance companies delays and denials, Caroline took my cases and performed miracles. She and Maria are able to get authorizations and payments in a timely manner and to make sure the reimbursement is paid to the fullest amount per code. As long as I am a practicing midwife, I will work with Caroline and Maria.

    -Connie Mullen, FOCEP Regional Coordinator

  • We have been using Express Claims for over 5 years with great results. Having a professional billing service takes the stress of insurance-haggling away, giving us time to do what we do best "midwifery"! Caroline and Maria of Express Claims are passionate and precise about billing. They truly believe in optimal reimbursement for midwives and put up the "fight" to get us paid. They are worth every penny for the work that they do.

    -Jessica Stevenson, LM

  • As a solo small business owner, I do not have the time, patience or energy to do my own billing. Express Claims has been a wonderful addition to my birth center making insurance billing easy and efficient. Caroline and Maria are accessible by phone and email, always answering my questions and helping me and my clients understand their insurance benefits. Before I was working with Express Claims, I used another third party biller. My previous biller took weeks to get VOB back to me and almost every claim that was submitted had a problem with how it was coded or billed. It used to take me months to get paid before. Now, Express Claims efficiently bills my clients

    -Jessica Willoughby, LM at Birth Center of St Pete

  • I have worked with Express Claims for over 8 years and I have found them to be both professional and friendly. There is always someone available to answer my questions. They do what it takes to get fast authorizations, negotiate contracts quickly and collect money from insurance companies. Express Claims has gone above and beyond what is expected, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a dedicated and effective billing service with gracious and helpful employees.

    -Emily Arnold, Office Manager of Family Birth Services, Inc.

  • I am owner and head midwife at Rosemary Birthing Home in Sarasota, Florida. We have worked with Express Claims for nearly 15 years. They have seen us through a change of ownership and changes in staff. They have been a constant part of our team, guiding us through the difficult world of insurance reimbursement. They explain to us and our clients what to expect and help us to get the reimbursement we deserve. They are personable and friendly. We so love working with them. I am aware of the experiences other practices have with different billing companies. I am grateful we are with Express Claims! In the midwifery community, they have the reputation for being the very best! I can vouch for that!

    -Harmony Miller, Owner and Head Midwife at Rosemary Birthing Home

  • Working with Caroline and Maria of Express Claims has truly been a wonderful experience. When I started working for my daughter, I had no idea how to interact with insurance companies. Caroline and Maria were always willing to help me in every way they could, even when what I was asking had nothing to do with billing the insurance companies. Their patience has been unending. Their kindness is beyond words. They use all possible avenues to assist in receiving authorizations and payments when possible. They keep me updated immediately on every bit of communication received from the insurance companies and from our clients.
    I am extremely happy with their professionalism and the personal care and highly recommend Express Claims to everyone.

    -Sharon Harris, Office Manager at A Loving Start