Our company will do everything we can to obtain coverage for your maternity care, however we cannot guarantee your insurance company will cover all costs.
* Insurance companies rarely pay billed charges. They determine what is “usual and customary” or “allowable.”
*Even with a gap exception, if your provider is out of network, you may still be responsible for the difference between billed and allowable charges.
*Unfortunately, Florida Blue PPO plans will not approve “gap exceptions.” However some out of state plans will.
*Some plans require the member or PCP to request the gap or authorization, however we will gladly guide you through that process.

We will do everything in our power to get you your benefits!

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This service involves personally calling your insurance company and verifying your benefits, as well as obtaining any authorizations or referrals. If necessary, we will request in-network coverage for out of network providers when available. If the exception is granted, the services will be reimbursed at the in-network level. Please be aware that this process can sometimes require review on the part of the insurance company. Therefore it can often take a number of days and follow-up phone calls for the authorization process to be completed. Please know that we will do all that we can to get the best possible coverage from your policy. You can expect to hear from us, via email, regarding your policy benefits within one to three business days. A copy of the details will also be sent to your chosen Midwife via email.